Airlift Hindi Movie Review

Who can forget the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. This unfortunate incident left lakhs of Indians in Kuwait homeless and run for their life. Airlift capture the rescue operation of 170000 Indians who as refugees as a result of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait had to suffer with no one to help until finally support came to their side.

The trauma and anguish of the people has been portrayed in a beautiful fashion in Raja Krishna Menon’s Airlift which is quite gripping and narrated with a realistic touch.

Akshay Kumar is Ranjeet Khatiyal who is a successful and wealthy businessman in Kuwait having strong connection with the Kuwaiti Royal family until one fine morning Saddam Hussain and his army makes an entry to Kuwait with his own agenda.

Ranjeet and wife could leave but his mind didn’t allow and he becomes a saviour to one lakh seventy Indians with a much needed and timely support to evict the people who were left stranded with no one to reach out for.
Airlift is taut and gripping. At the same time, the pace through which the incidents unfold is quite slow. On the story part, its just the invasion and the subsequent evacuation of the people that is shown in an interesting manner without a dragging feel.

Its a herculean task to show the invasion and evacuation in two hours time. So covering everything in the process is something difficult. So certain things lacked clarity and might not look fully convincing. Still the screenplay has taken care to present the trauma of the people and the drama leading up to the rescue operation in a convincing manner. Execution by director Raja Krishna Menon deserves a special mention and he is one person to be watched out for as a director for the future.

Akshay Kumar plays a character with utmost sincerity and conviction. He brings life to the character of Ranjeet and this one should be ranked one of his best. Nimrat Kaur of The Lunchbox fame played a perfect foil as Akshay’s better half. But she had limited scope to perform. Rest of the supporting actors were also good. Decent camera work and edits. Couple of songs are there which were okay with apt background score.

Termed as the biggest evacuation in history covering 488 flights spanning 58 days, Airlift ends with a patriotic flavour and has its moments and is a film that you can watch without any inhibition. My personal rating is three and a half out of five.

Rating – 3.5 / 5

Reviewed by chandra mohan gopinath