Rebellious Flower Movie Review

Rebellious Flower Movie

From the limited knowledge I have and from what I have heard from people who know about Osho Rajneesh, the world of Osho is so deep and vast. So to put it across in a two hour movie is a big challenge.

Director Krishan Hooda takes up that challenge through his film “Rebellious Flower”, a movie that is released across India as part of PVR’s Director’s Rare which is a platform for promotion of small but good films that finds it tough to find theatres for their exhibition. Which is indeed a good thing. How they select the film and what are the yardsticks/criteria for selection is a different thing.

Anyways, now coming to Rebellious Flower, the film through light on the early life of Rajneesh. So it doesn’t give that satisfaction in terms of knowing more about the real Osho. In other words, Rebellious Flower is the journey of a young boy Raja till his transformation phase.

As a beginning, this film is more than enough in giving an introduction to Osho Rajneesh for his quest towards enlightenment and how he learnt things from different people through his inquisitive attitude to life questioning various aspects of life to learn more about it and in the process coming up with his own interpretations.
If the makers have any plans to bring follow up movies covering a large part of Osho’s journey in the latter stages of his life with the Ashram at Pune in the backdrop, it would be more exciting as a film and may appeal to more people unlike Rebellious Flower which might find little takers except the followers of Osho and also some movie buffs interested in the so called art films.

Not much known about the actors or the crew of the film. The child actor who portrayed Raja and the actor who did his adolescent stages were good in their roles. Raja’s grandmother who play a pivotal part and who is the first disciple of Rajneesh was also a good casting.

I did like the film but expected it to be a biopic covering Osho’s life with more depth and clarity. Expecting that someone would make such a film in the immediate future, I am concluding by review of Rebellious Flower with a personal rating of three out of five.

Rating – 3 / 5