100 People Dies In These Manholes Annually , Sadly No One Really Cares

100 People Dies In These Manholes Annually , Sadly No One Really Cares

The most lethal work in our country is done by one who know that his/her work is dangerous and that the chances of death or injury are very high.

We are talking about the unsung heroes,the ones who risk their lives working in our sewers to make their both ends meet. According to a story done by zee news in 2014,the so called work kills 2% of those who do it in Delhi,ie. 100 deaths annually in a community of 5000.

Sadly,when these faces of the commons disappear after entering drains and manholes with high temperature, slippery walls, floors and toxic gases, there is no media coverage, or any media mentions.

Their life has always been tough. For the low salary they receive,most sewerage workers suffer from several dreaded diseases like cardiovascular degeneration, musculoskeletal disorders, infections, skin problems and respiratory ailments.

Caste discrimination,lack of job security,low pay…these hardworking people are literally tortured in our society. They mostly work on contract basis,and finally when the work is done receives a very low pay. Since no one is bothered about them,their voice is not even heard,even if they raise it.

Most of us praise the sacrifices made by uniformed men. All deaths in service require our respect and our admiration, and so it should be for our soldiers. But we must understand that there are many more of us who rise to the task and offer themselves, deliberately, silently and without recognition, to the nation.