Sethupathi Tamil Movie Review

Sethupathi Tamil Movie Review

Paying respects to the contributions made by the police force, Sethupathy has a fearless and tough cop as the central protagonist who is honest and sincere towards his work. A movie with mass elements, Sethupathi gives actor Vijay Sethupathi a new makeover as far as role and looks are concerned. Not a bad film and is a watchable one that has nothing fresh to tell but it should serve quite well to the target audience. 

A cold blooded murder of a cop happens and the murder is within the station limits where Sethupathi is in charge. He goes investigating into the crime and finds that a local big shot named Vaathiyaar is responsible for the murder. The cat and mouse game between Vaathiyaar and Sethupathi following the arrest of the former forms the crux of the story.

There are moments involving action and heroism that will cater to the masses. Sethupathy has nothing fresh to say and the treatment is also on predictable lines. The one thing that could strike you first if you are following the career of our hero is his presence this time in a different get up and style.

Even though the primary focus of the story is about the life of the cop and the fight between the protagonist and antagonist, there is another side also to the story where the family life of Sethupathi is also given prominence to balance the film. 

But after some fine moments inititally, the sweetness turns sour. The family scenes became too monotonous and boring taking away the focus and aim of the story to deviate to something else.

Vijay Sethupathi in a new avatar has done total justice to the role of the tough, fearless and angry cop. At the same time, he was able to change his expressions to a normal family man spending good times with his wife and kids. The transformation from the cop to husband and father to his kids looked very easy and natural.

Remya Nambeesan did her part but it was more of repetitive scenes that she had to be part of. Supporting actors were also good. Notable among them was Vel Ramamoorthy playing the role of Vaathiyar with a particular style that seems not to be a copy of someone else.

Engaging background score has definitely helped a lot to enlighten the total feel. Sreekar Prasad has done a fine job with the film at his editing table which is also another highlight. 

Overall, Sethupathi is not a novel concept and falls within our familiar cop story giving a larger than life makeover to the hero boosting up his presence very often. The thing is everything is within certain limits without going overboard and that makes it an above average and watchable film from a mass point of view. 

I will go with three out of five as my rating for this movie. Watch it for Vijay Sethupathi’s exceptional performance in an action dominated role and his towering screen presence.

Rating – 3 / 5

Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinath