Aashiq Abu on Fire for his Supporting Comment on Mathrubhumi Issue

Aashiq Abu on Fire for his Comment on Mathrubhumi Issue

The latest viral news in social medias is  ofcourse the communal violence invoked by mathrubhoomi daily. It was only yesterday that, in response to the statement of high court justice B. Kamal pashe, Mathrubhoomi reproduced the comment of an ‘anonymous’ person in their city edition of the newspaper .

Picked from the social media,that was a derogatory comment which consciously hurted the sentiments of muslim community by insulting prophet mohammed. From the very moment Muslim organisations started Anti-mathrubhoomi campaigns through online medias and calling for social boycott, they marched to mathrubhoomi offices raising slogans of protest.

Being the gatekeepers of print medias the editors and subeditors are responsible for all the reported news on the daily. So it is unacceptable that the comment was carried by mistake.However considering the sentiments of the muslim community, Mathrubhoomi apologized unconditionally in all its print and online editions and even removed the content from the e-papers.In addition they ran tickers in the channel regretting over the issue.

Its in these circumstances that , leading director of malayalam film industry – Ashik abu supported the daily in his facebook post. With in this limited time the post  reached  thousands of his followers. Adding fuel to fire  massive attack and violent protests with bombarding words are over firing in the comment boxes.

Aashiq abu mathrubhumi issue
Screenshot of aashiq abu’s comment of mathrubhumi issue