Actress Kushboo has come forward in praise of Kalabhavan Mani’s Daughter

Actress Kushboo has come forward in praise of Kalabhavan Mani's Daughter

It hasn’t been long since the news of Kalabhavan Mani’s untimely death has shakenk up the Mollywood. And many of us still find it hard to believe he is not there anymore.

We can only imagine the pain that his family is going through as the cope with the news. But this is not the only test that his daughter Sreelekshmi has to go through. Being a class 10 girl at CMI Public School, she has still her CBSE board exams to deal with. She had gone for her Hindi exam concealing hard her bereavement. Though she somehow managed to complete it she couldn’t hold back her tears once she came out of the exam hall. While she was weeping outside her classroom her friends had nothing but their shoulders to offer, for her to cry on. 

Actress Kushboo has come forward in praise of this little girl for her courage and endurance. Bearing the pain she had gone to give her exams. “She is a strong hearted girl and I congradulate her” khusbhoo tweeted.

Sreelekshmi is not unfamiliar to anyone who knows Mani. She was present in many of the public programs that Mani took part in. Sand she had sung in two folk albums showing off her pedigree, to the sultan of folk.

   It is not coincidental that her name is the same as one of the main characters from the hit movie ‘Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njaanum’, which gained Mani national recognition. Sreelekshmi was born while the movie was running well in the theaters.

  Her father was an ocean of love. He was known to not just sympathize but empathize with the ones  in need.  She would be going for her exams next hoping that it isn’t just memories of her father that would cloud up her mind but also a little, at least, of what she had learned.