Director Kamal Ashamed of His Colleague Major Ravi

Director Kamal ashamed of his colleague Major Ravi

Renowned director Kamal has come up with severe criticism of Major Ravi’s recent statements.He said that he was ashamed of his colleague.

 This strong rebuke comes against Major Ravi’s statements relating a media anchor .He accused her of calling ‘Durga Devi’ a sex worker, for which he replied that she too is one of that category.He went on to tell that he would spit on her face if he got a chance.

     Kamal was at the inaugural function of the Cochin University Arts Festival when he revealed his candid thoughts on the said incident. He stated that we are at a horrifying time when people just don’t talk but also does it. He fears that even great artists are being brainwashed nowadays.

    Still he was hopeful of what he sees in colleges now. He said that it is these colleges that present us with great minds that can see the JNU and Pune Film Institute for the progress that it represents. Pune Film Institute has gifted Indian cinema with a new generation of filmmakers.

   He calls it a fascist move, that which tries to curtail the creative freedom, seen in colleges. The resistance offered against this stands in good stead with this veteran filmmaker.

   The ban on college politics, he believes, has resulted in the influx of rightist thoughts first, then the penetration of religious parties into the fore. He concludes expecting the rulers to reconsider this ban.