Gokul Suresh Makes His Debut In The Movie Muthugow – First Look Revealed

Gokul suresh muthgow

Suresh Gopi is a proud father. His son about to make his debut as an actor is an exciting prospect, but this is more exciting because his daughter had already got her share of the limelight, when she made her debut as a singer. Her song in the movie ‘Jo we Lo’ had a warm reception. 

        Gokul makes his debut in the movie ‘Muthugow’ produced by Vijay Babu and Sandra Thomas, under the banner of Friday Film House. The production house follows their usual trend of getting a debutant director for their venture. The movie conceived by Vipin Das is going to be the eighth debutant director for the production house. The movie introduces actress Ardhana as well. One of the producers, Vijay Babu,is also set to appear in a key role.

        The movie is a light hearted comedy and romantic entertainer, with Gokul receiving a light role as well. His father had come in through negative roles, later went on to become an action superstar and  took up comedy roles at a latter stage of his career. Though it is too early in his career to judge, this role will surely turn out to be a revelation on what his potential is.

        He is not the first one to have  up to the standards that their fathers had set. With Pranav Mohanlal and Kalidas coming in as child artists, and later Dulquer Salman entering into their fathers’ territory, they had to cope with the pressure of expectations too. Out of the three Superstars’ progeny only Dulquer has yet come out of his father’s shadow, with Pranav taking up cinematography and direction, and Kalidas only taking his first steps without his father to look out for him, it is Gokul’s turn to step up.With the first look released, all eyes are on him.

Muthgow malayalam movie poster