If Not Nivin Pauly Then Who Is Jacob In Jacobinte Swargarajyam

If Not Nivin Pauly Then Who Is Jacob ? Jacobinte swargarajyam

Even while Vineeth Sreenivasan was planning the 45 day shooting of the movie ‘Jacobinte Swargarajyam’, in Dubai, he had this idea of getting some time for a family reunion. With Dubai’s climate at its best in the months of November and December it was an ideal proposition.

  The shooting had gone better than planned and was completed within 39 days. Three days before New Year’s Eve Vineeth, Nivin Pauly, Aju Varghese, Jomon, Divya, Ann Augustine and Augustine gathered at The Marriot Hotel and celebrated.

 Vineeth tells that the shooting in Dubai was an “experience” in itself. First, the movie’s script was to be submitted to the authority, in English, for requesting permission. Once the formalities were cleared they were very helpful, he recalls. They were permitted one full day’s shooting at Dubai international terminal, despite them being skeptical of the possibility of this happening. They even had a day’s shooting at the metro station. There they came across the woman officer who, was in charge of the station, told them that the mallu staff were excited at meeting them. And told them don’t refrain from asking for any help.

The only problem they had was with the artists not having Dubai’s license to drive the cars. Hence they mounted the cars on to low floor trailers and were driven around to shoot some scenes. In Certain areas with heavy traffic they received help from the police officials to do shooting without any trouble.

 It is the first time in his directing career that Vineeth is dealing with a story based on real events. When we see the title we assume that Nivin Pauly would be playing the role of the character of ‘Jacob’. But it is Renji Panicker who is taking that role. In fact Nivin Pauly’s character is Jacob’s son.

 The life of a mallu family abroad and of a family at home is different. The challenges that the two would present will be different too. The movie deals with such a situation. This, Vineeth tells, has been taken from his friend’s life and that later he realized many families have come across similar situations.

 Aju Varghese’s long time aspiration to don on the assistant director’s cap came true this time. But what he had to do in this role has left him bewildered. After a grueling day of work he had more waiting at night, where he had to prepare notes for the editor. He was also in charge of managing the crowd during the shooting when people, not realizing Aju was the assistant director, were trying to get selfies with him. Aju shares that direction unlike acting is much severe.The friendship of old is not maintained just in direction and acting but also in production: where the producer is Vineeth’s college mate Noble.The movie is set to grace the screens in April.