Jyothi Krishnan ‘s fitting response to her fake images going viral through whatsapp

Jyothi Krishnan's Facebook Post
Jyothi Krishnan’s Facebook Post

This is not the  first time that a celebrity had come forward to clarify that a certain image or video with them in it is fake. These which compromise their social standing catches on like wildfire. When Jyothi Krishna’s morphed image went viral through  the social media it didn’t take much time for the actress to clear the air.

  Jyothi Krishna refused to remain meek and acted boldly. She posted the original image, that was morphed, along with a post that clearly showed her emotions relating the incident. She said that some scoundrel had taken that image and edited it onto the body of another and created this obscene picture of her. And that person had spread it through Whatsapp. She added boldly that the attempt of that “someone” to defame her had turned out futile with her post. She did not forget to thank those loved ones who stayed by her through this. Though she was quite severe with her words, it was a necessary voicing her emotions.

    It was not long ago that ‘Premam’ actress, Anupama Parameswaran, had encountered a similar experience. This recent one adds to the number of actresses who had been victims of such atrocity.  Actresses Asin, Aiswarya Rai, Kajal Agarwal, Vidya Balan among others have gone through this.

     It is also worth taking note that not only celebrities are targeted. A 58-year-old bank manager, Shailendra Goje, was arrested recently by the cyber cell for editing the image of a 19-year-old onto the  body of an adult actress. And these can be dealt with only if more women choose to be bold like Jyothi and refuse to be bogged down by those miscreants.