Leela Is Not An Art Movie , Says Unni R

Leela Not An Art Movie , Says Unni R

“Intellectuals, forgive me. This not an art film. It is an excavation into the minds of every Malayali man, to find the ‘Kuttyappan’ residing within”, says R Unni – the author of ‘Leela’.

        Many have read the story already. This short story has made an  impression upon the readers. And hence the screen adaptation is anticipated with much expectation.

   The story is about ‘Kuttyappan’, whose idols are E.M.S, Marilyn Monroe and Bruce Lee. His journey in pursuit of a girl to fulfill his desire, where he comes across many interesting characters and events along the way, makes up the plot. The movie has incorporated many new events and is a slight digression from the actual short story. Unni asks all those who have set their ideas already to not be misguided by the name or the posters.

      The protagonist Kuttyappan’s actions is viewed from a humorous point of view, though he does do it seriously. This inconsistency is the crux of the movie. The author guarantees not just entertainment but also enjoyment from it.
        Unni tells that it does not matter if you have already read the short story or not, but it will present a new experience nonetheless. This could turn out to be yet another masterpiece from the director Ranjith.