Mohanlal and Biju menon to come together in Jibu Jacob’s next movie

Mohanlal and Biju menon to come together in Jibu Jacob's next movie

Among the latest news in mollywood we have Jibu Jacob, director of the hit satire ‘Vellimoonga’, uniting actors Biju Menon and Mohanlal in his new venture. This movie, to begin its shooting on June 15,  is being made in the same lines of the last one; where the audiences can expect enough to laugh at.

 Jibu’s last movie ‘Vellimoonga’ was something of a hit for its satirical nature. The character of Mamachan, played by Biju Menon, wasof  a middle aged politician;someone the masses could relate to. In this new movie Mohanalal plays the role of a Panchayat Secretary and Biju Menon the role of a government employee. The ordinarycharacters ifrom real life is something  that the masses can relate to. this adds to the movies interest
Actress Meena is to be in the lead role with Mohanlal. After the hit movie ‘Drishyam’ it is the first time they are to appear in the lead roles together.  Also, Biju Menon and Mohanlal is comeing together after another hit movie ‘Run Baby Run’.

 The script for the movie is done by M. Sindhuraj , who had earlier done the movies ‘Mulla’, ‘Puthiya Mukham’, ‘Elsamma Enna Aankutty’ and ‘Pullipuliyum Aatinkuttiyum’.