Mohanlal was too bereft to even respond to Mani’s demise

Mohanlal was too bereft to even respond to Mani's demise

When Kalabhavan Mani’s death had set the social media into frenzy most of them didn’t forget to notice that among the many major names that send condolences one was missing. It was none other than Padmasree Mohanlal, who is a prized jewel of Mollywood. Though many celebrities took to Facebook their sorrow for the loss, Shri Mohanlal was a clear absentee. And the social media didn’t forget to question this overpass.

   Responding to these inquisitions Shri Mohanlal had some touching revelations from his part. He said that he was well aware of Mani’s situation even before most as he was informed by the doctor of his serious condition. And  he had been keeping himself updated of the ongoing situations through regular phone calls to the hospital.

   Shri Mohanlal revealed that Mani’s demise had sent him into a state of melancholia and he was too downhearted to talk to anyone, hence he chose to avoid media. He told that this death had a similar effect on him as when he was faced up with the demise of director P.Padmarajan , with whom too he was quite close with. He is said to have spent his day immersed in his work to distract himself from this sorrow.

 Recounting his past experiences and interactions with Mani as well as his family, the Star actor reveals his close association with him. Mani was not just a colleague to him; he was a man who poured out his pain and childhood in front of the star.

 Shri Mohanlal told that the photos of Mani lying dead had aroused in him emotions that no one else could comprehend.