Rajith’s ‘Leela’ not banned, Set for Scheduled Release

Rajith's 'Leela' not banned, Set for Scheduled Release

The news of ‘Leela’s ban had completed enough rounds in the media circle for everyone to have a clear knowledge of it now. When the Film Producer’s Association revealed that there has been no formal ban on the movie everyone seemed to have been taken aback. Those were just rumours blown out of proportion. 

       Ranjith and his movie became the centre of attention when he had gone ahead with the movie’s shooting when the Film Producer’s Association had ordered for a strike. Their dispute over the pay hike of the technicians under FEFKA had led to an impasse as neither parties refused to budge. Ranjith working on the theatrical adaptation of R Unni’s short story ‘Leela’ decided to continue the shooting despite the strike. He had agreed a higher pay for the technicians of his movie.

    Most other members of the producer’s association were clearly unimpressed. These events paved way to the speculations of the ban. With these speculations running wild the Film Producer’s Association decided to come forward and clear the air, with its president issuing an ultimatum for Ranjith. He maintained that Ranjith is obliged to be more disciplined.

    The movie is still on track for its scheduled April release,with Biju Menon, Parvathy Nambiar, Jagadeesh, Indrans etc. set to flank the lead roles.