Rocky Handsome Movie Review

Rocky Handsome Movie Review

Well, if you take just the action and fight sequences alone, I would say Nishikant Kamat’s Rocky Handsome has some breathtaking and pumping thrills to make it a hardcore action movie. But lack of a strong emotional content and characterization spoil the entire mood making Rocky Handsome an underwhelming movie experience. 

The plot tracks the character of John Abraham who is a pawnbroker. A little girl who is the protagonist’s neighbour is kidnapped by gangsters who were into activities like drug peddling, child trafficking and organ trade. John follow the gang singlehandedly chasing them down.

There is enough style quotient with our lead actor impressing one and all with his attractive and stylish looks and physique but when it came to expressing himself or rather emoting, he was wooden. 

Some of the villainous characters looked silly and stupid at times on screen with their mannerisms. It also had a caricature tone in the way the various gangsters presented themselves. Everything contributed all for a loosing cause making Rocky Handsome a movie hard to appreciate except for its bloody violence, action and camera work.

Though in terms of exectution, it was not a fully convincing one from the director, the making had its share of highlights too like the scene in the bar where the dance is shown mixed with the night club fights alternatively was notable. Cinematography was also something that one should appreciate capturing each and every frame that gave a much needed facelift to the film.

I am told that this is an official remake of Korean film The Man From Nowhere which was a hit. Since I am not exposed to Korean films, I haven’t watched the original and hence cannot comment if the remake has done justice to it. From an independent perspective without any comparison to the base film, Rocky Handsome fails to inspire inspite of heavy violence, gun fires and high dose of adrenaline pumping action sequences.

John Abraham looked tough at all times and performed the stunts very effectively but failed to change his facial expressions when it demanded and was mostly confined to wooden, stiff and emotionless act. Sruthi Hassan was reduced just to a song and few scenes. Nishikant Kamat, the director himself took the pain upon himself and enacted the baddie character and it was appealing only in parts.

In a nutshell, Rocky Handsome though is violent with lot of blood shed through fights with neatly choreographed actions, it lacks emotion and soul in its content making it a disappointing film. I am going with two out of five for Rocky Handsome and a thumbs down to Nishikant Kamat this time.

Rating – 2 / 5

Reviewed by Chandra mohan gopinath