Stop Attacking Mohanlal , Rest in peace Kalabhavan Mani

Stop Attacking Mohanlal , Rest in peace Kalabhavan Mani

While the whole south Indian cinema industry was mourning versatile actor and folk singer Kalabhavan Mani’s death, some social media freaks are trying to market sensationalistic critic against Mohanlal for not posting memes of Kalabhavan Mani on his official handles. In this era where a son posts a selfie during the death rituals of his father, it is no surprise that why those fools targeted Mohanlal for no addressing Mani’s death on social media. 

However, the legendary actor replied to the freaks in a silent yet the most appealing manner. He posted a shot from the movie Bharatham, in which he is on fire symbolizing the exact feeling that he is experiencing now. Mohanlal and Mani are close friends and they acted together in many Malayalam movies. Facebook Post of Mohanlal on the demise of Kalabhavan Mani going viral. 

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The sensationalistic yellow social media seems to forget personal relationships and pain one person is going through while they lose someone very close. They all care about the likes, comments and shares they get and they don’t understand the level of pain that the close people are going through.

Mohanlal only wanted to see Mani’s laughing face and he don’t want to see his lifeless body. Mohanlal usually avoids cremations and death rituals get rid of the celebratory welcoming in such instances. After all, he lost one of his close friend, brother, and co-actor so let us stop spitting venom on the legendary actor and mourn Kalabhavan Mani’s demise.