Swetha Menon’s Comment on Mohanlal Went Viral

Swetha Menon's Comment on Mohanlal Went Viral

Time and again there are people coming from the film industry who have something interesting to say about the superstar Shri Mohanlal. This time it is none other than Swetha Mohan, who had paired up with him in the movie ‘Akashagopuram’. Swetha shared her views on Mohanlal during her interview for a magazine.

   One of the qualities of Mohanlal that everyone is vocal about is his humility. The lack of ego in treating everyone equally and the ability in getting everyone together says a lot about his character. She also admires the amount respect and care that he shows toward women, as experience by her while in London with him for the shooting of K P Kumar’s ‘Akashagopuram’.

Another thing that Swetha tells about the star is his love of food. She tells, with him being averse to dieting and enjoying food he does not let anyone do dieting while they are with him as he would force them to have food too.
 Being like him is an impossible task, she says and compares him to Lord Krishna, for this, from  Hindu Mythology.