Three in Custody in Relation To Kalabhavan Mani’s Demise

Three in Custody in Relation To Kalabhavan Mani's Demise

Three was reportedly taken into custody relating the suspicions looming over the untimely death of actor Kalabhavan Mani. His employees Arun, Vipin and Murukan were taken into custody yesterday. These come on the back of recent revelations by Mani’s brother who claimed to have some doubts pertaining the death of his brother.

   The night before Mani had succumbed to his fate he was allegedly consuming alcohol with some of his friends, despite restrictions imposed by his family due to his health condition. The rumors that methyl alcohol was detected in his post-mortem, though not found legitimate, have not been totally dismissed.

    The three are suspected of having destroyed evidence, of the presence of arrack in the outhouse. Earlier, Mani’s driver, Peter, had affirmed the family’s suspicions with his comments. With some cases already existing in Murukan’s name, him being under the scanner does not come as a surprise.More news are to follow in the coming days.

   With the new controversies taking root the every other day and the case becoming more mysterious, it has left many bamboozled as to how it came to all this. With the kind of man we knew Mani to be, it was already hard to digest the fact that he was no more with us. And to assume that someone had a hand in this tragedy is harder to accept. 

    It is sad that the mourning period of his demise is  being lost in speculations controversies