Unni Mukundan Responds To The Rumors Of His Marriage

The latest of the social media gossip was the one about actor Unni Mukundan’s apparent marriage. Through whatsapp and facebook this news making rounds along with the picture of a co-star from his latest movie.

    In the movie ‘oru Murai Vanthu Parthaya’ directed by Sajan, Unni plays the lead role opposite role to actress Sanusha. And the rumors were that the two were getting married. Both had decided aloof to these rumors until recently when Unni decided to break his silence. He made his response through his facebook account. He posted, “Not getting married. Kindly don’t entertain any more messages or forwards with regards to the same”

He urged the fans to not pursue or purport any such news. At a time when no celebrity is spared, it is the women who are usually at the receiving end of fake and compromising images, whereas the rumors try and take down both. Many have responded to such news. Most respond with a threat to find out the one behind such news but others just urge the fans to just let it go.

     Unni has decided to take the high road by simply refuting the news and adding a formal request for ignorance, intentionally avoiding the mention of the actress’ name.       In his latest movie with the said actress he appears in the role of an electrician, and the cast for the movie also include Aju Varghese and Sudhir Karamana.