Attingal Twin Murder Case: Man awarded death sentence, woman gets life imprisonment

Attingal Twin Murder Case: Man awarded death sentence, woman gets life imprisonment

 The Thriruvananthapuram Principal sessions judge on Monday awarded death sentence to the prime accused Nino Mathew in the Attingal twin murder case.

Calling it a rarest of rare crime Judge V Shircyalso awarded co-convict Anu Shanthi to life saying she is an insult to motherhood.


Previous Technopark representatives Nino Mathew and Anu Shanthi were discovered blameworthy of homicide by the Thriruvananthapuram Principal sessions judge on Friday, on charges of twin homicide of Anu Shanthi’s relative Omana (60), and her three-year-old little girl Swastika. 

The killings happened in April 2014 in Attingal, after Anu Shanthi’s spouse Lijeesh protested her additional conjugal undertaking with Nino Mathew. Lijeesh, be that as it may, got away from the homicide endeavor and managed wounds. Nino Mathew was caught that day and after he admitted to the wrongdoing, Anu Shanthi was likewise captured. In the wake of recording their captures, the police recuperated murder weapons from his home a matchete and a homerun stick, a towel that was utilized to wipe the weapons perfect and gold decorations that he stole from the bodies to make it resemble a theft endeavor. 

The twosome has been charged of homicide, connivance, endeavor to crush proof and robbery. After the arraignment analyzed upwards of 49 witnesses, 85 shows and 41 material articles, Judge V Shircy discovered Anu Shanthi similarly liable as she knew about Nino Mathew’s arrangements. 

An instance of transmitting indecent material in electronic structure was additionally charged against the team, after the police got self-shot recordings of his sexual demonstrations with Anu Shanthi in his portable workstation and cellular telephone that were recouped. 

The wrongdoing was unraveled inside 24 hours and charge sheet recorded on the 83rd day of the wrongdoing.