Biju Menon’s Sweet Revenge To Mohanlal ; Results Success Of Leela

Biju Menon's Sweet Revenge To Mohanlal ; Results Success Of Leela

This is cinema , Every thing changes everytime. Years before director ranjth balakrishnan casted Biju Menon for the role of Jaganaathan in the movie Aaram Thampuraan.But Biju menon lost that role because Maniyanpillai Raju suggested Mohanlal’s name for the role as Jaganathan to the producer of “Aaram Thampuraan” Suresh Kumar.

Actor Mohanlal to being a mass hero Jaganathan in “Aaram thampuraan had a vital role.The film becomes a super duper one too.After years Biju Menon had made a sweet Revenge on Mohanlal.

When Ranjith planned to picturize the Leela , short story of Unni R. Mohanlal was in the mind of Ranjith Balakishnan.Eventually Biju menon got the luck to perform as Kuttiyappan in the Movie Leela. The movie is getting a huge applause from the audience after first several shows.Everyone says that this movie will make Biju Menon to a next level.

Why is banking so heavily regulated?

In recent decades there has been significant deregulation in
many industries. A sector that remains heavily regulated is
banking. Why is this? One reason is consumer protection but
this is relatively minor. The main reason for banking regulation
is to prevent financial crises. However, banking regulation is
unusual compared to other types of regulation in that there is
not wide agreement on what the market failure is that justifies

With other types of regulation there typically is agreement.
For example, antitrust regulation is necessary to prevent the
pernicious effects of monopoly. The market failure is the lack of
competition. With environmental regulation, there is a missing
market. Polluters do not have to pay a price to compensate the
people they harm. If there was a market where they did have to
do this there would be an efficient allocation of resources and
no need for intervention. But there isn’t such a market and it is
necessary to regulate instead. In contrast, with banking what is
the market failure that justifies so much regulation?

In this article we argue that current banking regulation is the
result of a sequence of reactions to historical events. Given that
it is not designed to solve any particular problem, it is not clear
that it is very effective. We suggest that there are two important
market failures that can justify intervention. The first is a
coordination problem that arises because of multiple equilibria.
If people believe there is going to be a panic then that can be
self-fulfilling. If they believe there will be no panic then that can

also be self-fulfilling.