I Can’t Act As Mother Of Prithviraj , But Can Sister’s Role ; Shobhana

 I Can't Act As Mother Of Prithviraj , But Can Sister's Role ; Shobhana

For the question “which is the biggest hit of prithviraj in the year 2016? Answer will be “Pavada” which is directed by G.Marthandan and produced by actor Maniyan Pillai Raju.And which is the biggest hit in which  Maniyan pillai raju had produced yet.

Asha sharath had handled the mother role of prithviraj sukumaran in the movie “Pavaada”.Shobhana had rejected the offer to do the mother role of prithviraj in the movie.Atlast Asha sharath had agreed to do.

Shobhana has been casted for the mother role at the time of screenplay and shobhana had said several excuses like she had dance programmes , daughter , can’t leave chennai etc…. So the crew of the movie had planned to shoot at chennai for shobahana..At last shobhana had said that she can mereley do the elder sister of prithv not the mother role.Maniyan pillai raju had revealed this exclusive news on an interview given to vanitha magazine of Malayala manorama.