Boby Chemmanur Scandal Video Leaked Went Viral -The Truth

He undertook a record breaking marathon (812 km) in April 2014 from Kasargod to Thiruvananthapuram for creating the World’s largest Blood Bank, which is an active forum donating blood when required for the needy. He was decorated with prestigious awards and honours from various organisations thus setting World Records in this niche. The marathon had created a ripple of awareness across the State and the Country and an estimated 14 Lakh donated blood for the noble cause. Some of the records set by the event and the person who led it, Boby Chemmanur, are: The Kerala Book of Records; The Indian Book of Records; Asian Book of Records; and World Record Breaker (U.K.).

To conclude, we accept the fact we haven’t done full justice to the impressive and dynamic personality of Boby Chemmanur in this short profile. In fact, it’s impossible to restrict his charisma and diversified activities (a kung fu fighter, a sharp shooter, a high jumper, a former footballer, a fitness freak who runs 10 km everyday etc.) into a static profile as he creates history and makes news every other day by ‘Conquering the world with Love.