Valliyum Thetti Pulliyum Thetti Movie Review , Report , Videos


If you can rewind and recollect your memories from the nineties and early part of the decade after the nineties, you will know that there was very good scope for films that have a village story with a clash between two adjacent places in the village. Many films during those times have cashed in on this subject.

Valliyum Thetti Pulliyum Thetti takes us back to that period. A retro film that tells the love story between two people belonging to nearby villages who are at loggerheads over each other due to petty reasons. Sadly, apart from eye catching camera work and excellent background score plus songs, VTPT has nothing exciting to keep the audience engaged for the one hundred and forty six minutes of its running time.

Vinayan, the character played by Kunchacko Boban belongs to one of the village and is in love with Sreedevi (Syamili making her debut as a heroine in Malayalam). Sreedevi is from the other village and due to the conflicts going on between the two places , their liking for each other could not end in their union so easily.

The story and screenplay lacks any sort of freshness and VTPT tries to borrow and re-rehearse things from past films landing the film in an weak territory. There is nothing much director Rishi Sivakumar can do with this script that primarily focused on giving the technical side a major boost.

Visually a beautiful film and credit for that goes to the camera man but the story hasn’t got that freshness for an engaging movie experience. These sort of stories had its share of market and takers may be fifteen years back but today situation and films have changed a lot. Even if the film is projected to be a retro film taking the story back to a decade that was used to such a plot, VTPT is far from convincing.

Kunchacko Boban is in his safe zone and role of Vinayan was not a tough one to crack for the actor. An easy one for him considering his past experience with such a character but no complaints whatsoever.

Syamili whose name was a household one years back as a child artist returns as a heroine. She doesn’t have anything to do except spot a smile whenever the camera is focused on her. In other words, she doesn’t need to talk much and ends up with a role that could not test what she has got in store as far as acting is concerned.

There is a long line up of supporting actors and among them Manoj K Jayan was the pick of the lot with a role that was very much suited for him. Renjy Panicker as the theatre owner, Suresh Krishna as father of Sreedevi and Muthumani playing wife to the character of Manoj K Jayan were also notable with their acts. Krishnan Unni with his comic act in the latter half was passable. Sreejith Ravi, Saiju Kurup, Aneesh G Menon and Seema G Nair are also there while Sudheer Karamana appear towards the halfway mark in a totally unwanted role.

VTPT has gone one step ahead on the technical aspects. Excellent cinematography by Kunjunni S Kumar capturing the visual beauty of Palakkad. This is backed by a different genre of music and background score. Editing is also okay.