2 Million Worth Gold Shirt Owner Dattatray Phuge Murdered

Pune. 2 crore Pune-shirts Golden Dattatreya Fuge 3 am Friday morning, stabbed and killed after being crushed by stones. They were returning home from a birthday party. Fuge were famous by the name of Goldman. Fuge living always surrounded by 20 bodyguards were alone during the event. Perhaps this time the accused came to know that they are not with bodyguards. Police have detained four people for murder. The body was in a worse condition …

dattatray phuge
– Police investigating the murder showed that Fuge “Money vakratund called chit fund company was running.
– The company had invested millions of people, he said.
– Fuge was accused of the people extract money. Many people had lodged an FIR against him.
– Dighe area of the city early Friday, around 3 AM they were returning home from a birthday party to join.
– 7-8 to them in the way of those stones, sticks and knives attacked done.
– Suddenly had a chance to escape from the attack, and his whole body was stained with the blood.
– Morning, police found his body in the street mutilated condition.

4 accused in custody

– Police arrived on the scene of the murder of Information in the possession of their bodies have been sent for postmortem.
– Datta on suspicion of the murder of four people detained by the police.
– At the moment, all of the police is being questioned.
– To embezzle money from the investigation showed that all were annoyed by Dutta.
Police did Tdipar

– dattatray phuge was the jewelery business. A few months ago, the police had issued a notice to Tdipar to Fuge.
– Bhosari police station on financial fraud and intimidation in many cases.
– Police  given the severity of the cases Tdipar the notice was issued.
– the cops beating Datta alleging entrapment accused forcefully.
Headlines were made of gold shirt
– ‘Ranka Jewellers’ owner dattatray phuge 2 million gold shirts were made in the media spotlight.
– The shirt of many months of hard work, Pune Tejpal Ranka was created by renowned jewelery designer.
– The shirt Tejpal Ranka 4 to 15 days, the cover for the gunman had painstakingly.
– To make the 50-year-old Die Shirt (mold) was used. Shirt for connecting every part of the 16 craftsmen worked continuously for 15 days.

dattatray phuge was surrounded by 20 bodyguards

– Dattatreya when wearing this shirt went out in their entourage of bodyguards was around 20.
– living alone were returning from a party, the police is investigating this aspect also.

Pankaj assay also wear gold shirts

– The businessmen and politicians in Maharashtra Pankaj assay also wear gold shirts.
– His shirt is the weight of 4.1 kg.
– The most expensive shirt, his name has been entered in the Guinness World Record.
– Record it before the assay Dattatreya Fuge was the name.