Actor Dileep ’s First house for Indira and Keerthi

‘Surakshitha Bhavanam’ , lead by Malayalam Actor Dileep along with Kerala Action Force and GP Charitable trust, is a project to help 1000 poor families in Kerala by making houses for them. The plans of the houses are almost complete. The groundbreaking ceremony of the first house will be done on this August 17th in Vaathikulam situated in Alappuzha by Dileep.

The first house is being made for Indira and Keerthi. Keerthi was saved and adopted by Indira years back. Actor Dileep came to know about them through an article which appeared in newspapers.

Dileep said that it is with the support from the local people the construction works are going to happen. Each house will be made within a span of 3 months. All houses will be of 430 sq ft area and will have two bedrooms,hall, kitchen and a sit out. 5.5 lakhs is the estimated price for building each house.

At first, the first house was planned to be given to the family of a workshop mechanic, from Aluva, named Suresh who died in an accident. The plan was changed later since the former didn’t have a land of their own. Already a letter regarding this issue by MLA Anwar Sadath has been sent to Revenue Minister and the latter has handed this over to the Collector.

The applicants for this program should have at least two cents of land in their name. Applications can be given directly or by post to Kerala Action Force, Anwar Memorial Hospital, Aluva-683101.