An inspirational Story Of 11 Year Old Boy Tiyo Satrio From Indonesia

According to the British “Daily Mail” on July 12 reported that Indonesia’s West Java province, 11-year-old boy pedicle about? Sutter Rio (Tiyo Satrio) was born without limbs, but he not only made outstanding achievements ,  With the daily chin instead of hands to play games to kill time. Another example confirms “Nothing is impossible with a willing heart.”

tiyo indonesia family

Sartre ever since he was born without limbs. During Sartre Rio mother throughout pregnancy, she did not realize his son’s disability. Cicadas child’s situation, she still expressed optimism.

Sartre did not give up. He can even write your mouth to learn and write, he is very talented in mathematics and religion. Principals said that although Sartre Rio just 2 grade, but he was able to solve mathematical problems 4 grades, such as multiplication and division.Free time, Sartre-like to play games. Sartre Leo’s mother said he played almost every game day.

11 year old boy tiyo indonesia

His family education, Sartre Rio develop a cheerful personality. His optimistic nature and contagious laughter, so that teachers and students Sutter Rio became the most popular person.

While Sartre Leo can do you a lot of things, but rinse, dressing, eating and other family members and teachers still need more help. I wish him to luck no longer forgotten.