Why Can’t Our Medias Love Malayalam Films Like Kabali ? : Director Vinayan asks

Director Vinayan has come up against the medias which made Rajinikanth’s Kabali an extraordinary film. Malayalam films would have come up, only if Medias had shown their love for Tamil films to the former says the director. He opened up his mind in a post which he posted in his official Facebook account.

Director Vinayan speaks :

Let Kabali be a hit, let it run for 100 days in theatres – it is indeed a great thing but with Kabali’s release, one serious issue has to be discussed within the Malayalam film industry. Is it for the Malayalam Cinemas or the Tamil Cinemas our industry and media are working? This issue has to be discussed seriously. Our media has made an ordinary film like ‘Kabali’ appear extraordinary while not even the movies of Malayalam Superstars Mohanlal and Mammootty are receiving such hype and publicity from them. About 10 crores worth publicity has been done if only the paid publicity is taken into account. If 1/10th of this love is shown by Media to Malayalam cinemas, even the boxoffice disasters would have atleast 3-4 days of housefull shows. Producers can atlest get their invested money with that. Even after Kabali’s mixed reviews came out, medias are trying to hide it and make the film an out of the world one. As a person working in films I appreciate that. It will do good to the cinema but why is this love not shown only to Malayalam films? Aren’t they getting enough crores from the Industry for the publicity?

Channels who make profit by making Malayalam stars perform for their show, Newspapers who increase circulation by publishing their biographies – they don’t have any value Malayalam Cinema as they have for Kabali. The interesting fact is that no Malayalam film associations complaints about this issue.

Films like Kasaba, Anuraga Karikin Vellam would have run for more 2-3 weeks only if the theatres hadn’t removed these to make space for Kabali. They did the mistake like the medias. There are several associations to save Malayalam Cinema. Don’t they have anything to say about this? “

Kabali is being played in around 306 theatres around Kerala. Actor Mohanlal’s distribution house did the release in Kerala. Many theatres removed Malayalam films for the release of Kabali. This caused director Vinayan to respond in such a manner.