Fake News About Rajeev Ravi ‘s Death Spreading Through Whatsapp Texts and Audios

Fake news about cinematographer-producer-director Rajeev Ravi is taking rounds on Whatsapp. The messages says that the director was hospitalized by an accident recently and died today. Also it says that Actor Nivin Pauly visited him in the hospital.

It is actually Rajeev’s father who expired recently. These messages are being prepared and circulated by some anti-socials, and people who blindly believe whatever they see on social platforms are sharing it.The real source of the messages are still not identified.

This is not the first instance of fake news about death of celebrities being spread on social medias. Actors like Jagathy Sreekumar, Mamukoya, Innocent have been preys to such psychopaths before. We don’t know what kind of satisfaction does people get in spreading such death rumours about people who are alive. They do not think of the family members and friends of such hoax victims. It is due to the mental perversion that such people behave inhumanely.

Meanwhile Rajeev Ravi is celebrating the success of his latest release ‘Kammatipaadam‘. He also was the cinematographer of the controversial bollywood hit ‘Udta Punjab’. Recently released malayalam movie ’Kismath’ is produced by Rajeev Ravi.