Man Throwing dog From The Roof Identified As MBBS Students From Chennai

The video will make you recoil with repugnance, while the assailant apathetically poses dramatically for the camera, he hardheartedly throws a fussing dog off the rooftop.

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A video which as of late surfaced on the web shows the most pessimistic scenario of human debasement. In it, a man from Chennai holds a little puppy by its neck and back, hardheartedly hurls it off the top of a tall building, and movies the whole nauseating act.

As indicated by a report in The NewsMinute , the man in the video has been distinguished as Gautam S, a last year understudy from Madha therapeutic school . Understudies from the school sent the insights about the team to the NewsMinute.

The report likewise expresses that, when police and extremist went to seize the two, they got away and Gautam evidently undermined the understudies who uncovered his character. Every living creature’s common sense entitlement activists, Shravan Krishna, is posting constant redesigns about the examination on his Facebook page.

The video which first surfaced on facebook has precipitated a big outcry towards the man’s inhuman act. The maximum heartrending element is that the video is also shot in sluggish-movement, displaying the helpless animal yelping and falling instantly to the floor with a thump.