Actress Meena : A Lucky Charm For Mohanlal

From Minimol of ‘Manasariyathe’ to Rani of the blockbuster ‘Drishyam’,  Actress Meena has been a lucky charm for the  Complete Actor Mohanlal. Lets have a brief look at the success journey of this pair.

Meena first appeared in a Mohanlal movie as a child artist, in 1984 though ‘Manasariyathe’. Next was ‘Varnapakittu’ in 1997 where she was the female lead named Sandra. Mohanlal’s latest release at the time ‘The Prince’ was huge flop and this film came to his rescue. Later releases of the pair like ‘Olympiyan Anthony Adam’, ‘Mr Brahmachari’, ‘Chandrolsavam’, ‘Naaturajavu  fared badly in the box-office. This was a crisis period for Mohanlal. Again ’Udayananu Tharam’ with Meena in the lead came to the rescue. This film was blockbuster.

Then it was during a period when people started raising their opinions that Mohanlal’s acting careeer is over, Jeethu Joseph’s ‘Drishyam’ made an all time record in Malayalam. The film became the biggest hit ever in Malayalam.

The latest news is that, after the success of ‘Vellimoonga’, Jibu Jacob is planning a movie with Mohanlal and Meena in the lead. The film will be telling the story of a family where Mohanlal will be seen as a Panchayath Secretary. Let’s wait and watch whether this film will repeat the history of ‘Drishyam’.