Kunnamkulam MP Asks For Apology ; Collector Bro’s Epic Reply In Return

Collector Of Kozhikode Mr.N.Prasanth IAS,popularly known as Collector Bro,has been a significant figure in social media with his innovative and creative approach.He has a great fan following as he intakes the views of the commons by discussing about various projects and plans with them through social media.
“Meanwhile MP Sri.M.K Raghavan has filed a defamation case against the collector citing the recent status update of the collector regarding the use of MP funds of the same to be hurting his reputation.

The complaint quotes that a collector is not following the decorum of his post,and also accuses him to be the one who is opposing all the development plans of kozhikode.“Most of the people in kozhikode has been in love with the efforts of collector bro as it has indeed helped to change the face of kozhikode. And it is indeed silly when an MP points out such a statement.Well,lately in the night when MP sir asked for an apology,which in malayalam is read as Maap”,the collector bro posted a political MAP of Kunnamkulam region in reply to the so called asked MAAP.  It is one hilarious reply to such a complaint. Perhaps,the epic reply ever made by an officer in social media.