Prithviraj’s and Vineeth’s ‘Planes’ crashed in controversies

A man, congenitally deaf and mute, had built a low-cost airplane last year in Idukki District of Kerala. This invention by Saji Thomas was one of the wonders Kerala saw in the year 2015 but the attempt to bring this real life on reel life has become more challenging what Saji faced. The problem arose when two at the same time attempted to bring it on the silver screen.

 AD director Sreekanth Murali first announced the project with Vineeth Srinivasan as the lead. Later Journalist Pradeep M Nair announced the same with Prithviraj. This caused conflicts and made both moves to the court. Earlier FEFKA tried to make peace but did not succeed.

Pradeep M Nair’s movie was to be produced by Listin Stephen. The rights for making Saji’s life film was acquired from the same by him earlier but controversies arose when Pradeep found out that the film by Sreekanth Murali with Vineeth written by Santhosh Echikkanam had a similar storyline as his film. He submitted a complaint to FEFKA noting this issue. Things moved on to court when FEFKA could not resolve the issue.

Pradeep requests the court to freeze Sreekanth’s movies production works. Copyright claims will be produced in Thodupuzha Munsiff Court next week.

Meanwhile, Santhosh Echikkanam has denied the claims by Pradeep. He says that his story does not have any resemblance to the life of Saji Thomas.