White Movie Review

After all the postponements and wait, White finally manages to see the daylight. But the wait turns out to be a disappointing one. The film tries desperately to blend style and substance but in the end, the style factor outweighs the substance factor leaving the film on a sore note.

Prakash Roy and Roshni Menon are the two central characters in the film. Prakash is a middle-aged man while Roshni is much younger to him. The story portrays the relationship that blossoms between these two which happens in London.

Director Uday Ananthan’s film is a lifeless film that is a good patience tester. A lacklustre screenplay of which Uday himself is part of along with a couple of other writers fails to inspire at any time. Moreover, there is an element of confusion as to what the intentions and purpose of this story are.

Partially there are some answers to the long and neverending romance but in the end, the movie is shredded with mystery and doubt as to what was intended to convey. In my opinion, the film has failed to convey what it wanted. A slow paced film that has boredom right from the start till the very end, I am pretty much disappointed with the film.

The only saving grace was the efforts behind the camera. The visual beauty of London has blended well giving the frames a rich and vibrant tone to it. Next positive factor is the cool and stylish looks of the megastar. Other than these, I didn’t find anything to take home after watching White.

Mammootty has nothing much to do on the acting side. He just had to maintain his stylish and cool looks and has come out successful in that attempt. Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi plays a character matching her looks and she looked dazzling as Roshni Menon though in the close-up shots her lip movement was not syncing with the dubbing. Shankar Ramakrishnan and Siddique plays supporting roles that have not much importance in the totality of the story.

As I said, on the technical front, camera work was a major highlight. Editing was okay but this slow romantic drama badly needed some trimming. At two and a half hours running time, the film was way too lengthy for a weak story. Rahul Raj has done the music who tried mixing some cool background score and tunes matching the backdrop and it was not bad.