All aren’t Rich in Film Industry : Director Ranjith Balakrishnan

‘Mohanam 2016’, an event to honour the complete actor Mohanlal, was conducted on August 15th. During the function Mohanlal was honoured with a memento by none other than megastar Mammootty.Taking part in the function, director Ranjith Balakrishnan speaks in an interview given to Manorama.

“Everyone has a wrong notion that all those who work in films are rich. Everyone’s profession is cinema but what everyone gets from it is different. Most people in cinema are a failure in terms of handling their salary. Many can’t even live according to their earnings.This is because of their wrong thinking that rewards from films will be forever. The world of cinema is filled with ups and downs. People who are seen today may disappear tomorrow. They get blind from the luxury of cinema and fails to realise the reality. Once they fall they realise this and start repenting. I believe that an artist should be honored when he is alive.” says Ranjith Balakrishnan.