Best of Brother-Sister Potrayal in Malayalam Films

Malayalam film industry is rich with films that depicts family and relationships in a divine way. Most of the popular films had matters related to these from the past.

Sibling relations are often seen in Malayalam films. Some may show the fights between them and others show the never-ending love between them. Of the latter, brother-sister relations are the best. Let’s have a look at some of the best bro-sis relations in films.

Bangalore Days :


The superhit film showed the special bonding between three cousins. Many scenes showed us how the brothers cared about their sister.

Pavithram :


The film revolves around a young man’s relationship with his career, fiancee and brother is brought under stress by the birth of an unexpected sister.

Hitler :


This movie revolves around a protective brother, played by Mammootty, and his five sisters.

Chronic Bachelor :


It’s about a brother who becomes the care taker of his step-sister without her knowledge.

No. 1 Snehatheeram Bangalore North :


Even though this film didn’t have much scenes depicting brother-sister love. Mammootty plays the role of a brother pretend to be the father of his sister’s children.

Aniyathipraavu :


Even though the main plot of the film is a love story. This film also shows the bonding between three brothers and the sister who falls in love.

Ustaad :


The movie depicts a don who stops everything and settle down in his home town with his sister. He considers his sister as most important part of his life.

Kaliyoonjal :


This movie is based upon a brother who takes care of his mentally challenged sister. Problem arise when his wife’s brother gets married to his sister.