Will Dileep Marry Kavya Madhavan ? : Dileep Responds


Dileep and Kavya Madhavan , Mollywood’s favourite onscreen couples, have been always a favourite of gossipers. Rumours about their marriage has always been doing rounds on the social medias. None of the two has never made a clear response on the rumours. Now in an exclusive interview given by Dileep to ‘Vanitha’ he reveals that he is ready for remarriage.

“My life is an open book. Whatever things happen, it will be communicated to all” said Dileep.

He said that he has never given a thought about marrying Kavya Madhavan. He also said that his remarriage plans is completely dependant upon his only daughter Meenakshi’s decision. “Usually it’s the parents who will decide one’s marriage. In my case, I have to ask my daughter. I’m like a kid in front of her”

Dileep also said that Kavya wasn’t the reason for his divorce with Manju Warrier and revealing the real reasons might affect other’s lives. He also added that it was sad to see Kavya’s name being unnecessarily dragged in this case.

“Time will tell everything” Dileep said about marrying Kavya.