If Moral Police Have An Office, It can be called Censor Board : Murali Gopy

Malayalam Actor-Writer Murali Gopy has come up strongly against the Censor Board of India. He says that if moral police have an office, it can be called Censor board.

“We will be in dismay if we read the guidelines given to them. Censorship destroys an art and is against the democracy. We need a certification body instead of a censor board here. They will decide the appropriate audience for the film and issue the certificate accordingly. People can decide to watch the film looking that” says the actor.

“It’s not right to cut off something from a film just because the board members dislikes it. Even the Government is interfering in this. A new law was introduced to show helmet warning sign during a bike ride scene in the movies. There was a time when the helmet wasn’t necessary to ride bikes. What should the makers do when such a time is made into films? “ Murali Gopi asks.

It was in an interview given to a magazine Murali Gopy expressed his opinion.

Murali Gopy is currently busy in the shooting of ‘Tiyaan’. He has written the story for the movie in which Prithviraj-Indrajith brothers will be in the lead. He is also doing a prominent role in the film directed by Jiyen Krishnakumar.