If Needed I Don’t Have Problem in Directing an Adult Film Too : Jeethu Joseph

If Needed I Don’t Have Problem In Directing An Adult Film Too : Jeethu Joseph

While people are eagerly waiting for the hitmaker Jeethu Joseph’s upcoming film ‘Oozham’, the director talks about the mixed response for his last release ‘Life Of Josutty’ in a recent interview.

“People had high expectations on ‘Life Of Josutty’ as a film coming after ‘Drishyam’. This became the main villain for the film which told the story of a common man. Maybe if it was my first film, it would have been received better. When I’m doing a film with Dileep after ‘My Boss’ many expected it to be a comedy film” says Jeethu Joseph.

“ ‘Life Of Josutty’ received mixed response from the viewers. Mostly it was the emigrants who gave positive response. Maybe it was them who could relate to the film easily. There was also a negative publicity that the film have some adults only dialogue. That was just the naturally spoken language by the characters, but people say that they don’t expect any such things from film directed by me. I don’t want to be limited within that image. If I get an adults only subject to be filmed, I will do it without any hesitation” added the director.

His upcoming release ‘Oozham’ starring Prithviraj in the lead will hit the screens on September 8th. He has also confirmed projects with Mohanlal, Dileep and Mammootty.