Shyam Malayalam Movie Trailer


Debutant Sebastian Maliyekkal’s up and coming film “Shyam” is about relationship and affection. Youthful actor Rahul Madhav plays Shyam, a brilliant person who is loved and cherished by others. Shyam has a unique affection with his mom, who required much exertion in forming his character. He has a nearby relationship with Sebin, Stephen and Ramachandran.

Shyam fills in as a accountant, while Sebin is administrator in an auto company. Stephen brings home the bacon as a medicinal agent and Ramachandran is a business official. Certain occurrences happens in the lives of these single guys which shape the plot.

The film clarifies how the adolescence encounters of one individual impact the future and identity of others. Bhagath Manuel, Govindankutty and Vivek Gopan assumes the character parts of Sebin, Stephan and Ramachandran separately. Bollywood on-screen character Aparnaa Bajpai offers life to Sinda, Rahul’s adoration interest, while performing artiste Sajitha Madathil will assume the part of his mom in this family dramatization.

Shaju, Master Ashik, Nazeer Samkranthi, Radhika and Faizal are additionally part of the star cast. For the lines of Sebastian Maliyekkal, the tunes are set by Ousepachan. Georgy Joseph steerages the camera. “Shyam” is delivered by Sebastian Maliyekkal under the standard of Rajageetham Films Private Ltd.