Tovino’s Epic Reply To A Guy Who Felt ‘Guppy’ Is A Waste Of Money

Tovino Thomas, is one of those few lucky guys who could win the heart of audiences within a short span of time. He has a huge fanbase in Kerala, won with his mesmerizing performances.

His latest release is ‘Guppy’ written and directed by Johnpaul George. The movie is getting huge appreciation from the common people as well as the critics.

Tovino’s Epic Reply To A Guy Who Felt ‘Guppy’ Is A Waste Of Money

Expressing the happiness of  success of the film, Tovino posted a thank you note in his official facebook page.

The post which was in Malayalam translates like this :

“ Thanking everyone who watched and supported Guppy. Getting good reports from everyone who watched it. Others please do watch the film 🙂 “

Every movie will have lovers and haters. One such hater commented that he felt that, the movie is a waste of money. No celebrities gives attention to such comments but Tovino nailed it with a witty reply.

He replied “ Please tell me how much money did u loose? . Give me the bank details. I shall transfer it to your account.” making the hater dumbstruck. The reply has gone viral and is being shared all around the social medias.

Guppy from a debutant director is a neat piece of work and a promising film. Tovino Thomas is fast improving to be a reliable actor. The character of Thejas Varkey played by him had both style and substance in it and the role was safe in his hands. Tovino ensured his director’s choice of casting him in that role with dual shades to it didn’t go wasted.