What’s happening to Inspector Dawood Ibrahim ? : Avoid the Degraders

What's happening to Inspector Dawood Ibrahim ? : Avoid the Degraders

Degraders aren’t new in the industry. We have seen movies like Aadu and Action Hero Biju receiving huge degradation by these so called ‘good movie lovers’. People fall into such degrader’s trap and thus prevent themselves from going to theatres. Usually, it is when the home video of these movies release they realize what they have missed in theatres.

Now the latest release IDI falls the new prey to these degraders. When the degraders found Action Hero Biju’s name contradicting with the movie having no action scenes, the problem they find with IDI is that it is packed with action and comedy. Which isn’t realistic enough according to them.

It is sad to see that these good movies are being degraded. We even don’t get the reasons for them to degrade these movies. Is it because of the fan fights? or is it because they find some happiness in degrading someone’s dream project? or is it that they just know to degrade?. They are the people who are solely responsible for the good movies going unnoticed.

Inspector Dawood Ibrahim a.k.a IDI, starring the versatile actor Jayasurya, was released worldwide on August 12th. The film marks the directorial debut of the actor Saji Yahiya. Upon it’s release, the action-comedy flick has been receiving positive reviews from audience and critics alike. The movie is a laugh riot with some gripping action sequences and is attracting family audience to the theatres. Avoid the degraders and book a seat for IDI if you want 2 hrs of complete entertainment.