Dileep’s Welcome To Central Jail Alleged To Be Stolen : Scriptwriter Shiju Comes Out With Proof

Dileep's Welcome To Central Jail Alleged To Be Stolen : Scriptwriter Shiju Comes Out With Proof


It has appeared out of dust that Dileep’s new Onam release “Welcome To Central jail” is copied from Shiju John’s script under the name “LOCALS”. Shiju John acquired Sundar Das has taken his work and transformed into a worse film

The film has been rescripted by Benny P Nayarambalam under the director Sundar Das hit the theatres, and soon after the first show Shiju John came up with the allegation. Shiju said he did share his story with Sundar Das and put a facebook post regarding the matter.


The messages send to the director of the film by shiju.

When news about the film hit the magazines and cine world Shiju thought its just his concept taking another form.But Shiju was stunned with heavy feelings after noticing the first show realising his entire script has taken.

The hero-heroine all the aspects were recreated by taking his baseline of script based on jail life and added water to it and made a flop film which could have been a better one in the original wind.

The role played by Renji panicker was kept for Lalu Alex and the character that comes as Lalu Alex daughter was the heroine as per Shiju’s script but it was refragmented in the film.his hero was supposed to reach jail with a small hand on hand fight case but later getting wicked up because the victim dies eventually.

Shiju tried calling Sundar Das after watching the movie but he never picked up and at the funeral of Kala Bhavan Mani Shiju claims Sundar Das avoided him and left ,but he didn’t knew the reason at that point of time.


Shiju claims that he stays near Sundar Das’s house and he took 8 years to complete the script.And Shiju follows that “at the set of “Nallavan” movie in Pollachi he did the say the story to Jaya Surya even though he liked it, he had difficulties with his leg to perform the action sequences.So asked for certain changes. Sundar Das on the other hand wasn’t ready for making changes said “we will continue the project with Indrajith Sukumaran”.

As directed Shiju headed to Indrajith’s home in Marad (Ernakulam) and narrated the whole story and he liked it, later Shiju completed the script and handed it over to Sundar Das.

later it appeared that Sundar Das who got Dileep’s date in hand is not pursuing his work for now, So took the way out to p.mahesh and Asif Ali and they asked him to proceed with it and while Shiju was about to begin the preparation he heard about the Dileep-Sundar Das film.

Shiju believes that taking in of Benny P Nnayarambalam into the film was to boost up the satellite rate.Shiju exclaims” who would pay that amount of money for a script by some other Shiju out there”.
even though was living with a heavy heart Shiju is not ready to give up his cinema dreams and he has currently started writing for a new script.