Kuttipattalam Television Show Banned For Misguiding Contents

Kuttipattalam Television Show Banned For Misguiding Contents

Kuttipattalam, the popular television show aired on Surya TV, has been banned after a complaint arose on the misguiding contents in the show which is primarily a kids show. The Kerala State Commission for Child Rights has banned the telecast of the show which has been manipulating the kids to increase TRP rating.

The show is all about the television-film artist Subi Suresh engaging in conversation with children asking them age-inappropriate questions like “Does your mother drink alcohol?”, “Does your teachers like your father?” etc. The actor goes on twisting the questions using double meaning jokes and children being innocent answers them without knowing what’s going on.

The action to ban the show was taken in response to the complaint raised by Hashim Collemban from Malappuram. In the petition he wrote about how the programme was misusing the innocence of children to increase their TRP ratings. “the programme indulges in the mental torture of children, force them to speak in a language with double meaning to give a vulgar twist to their innocent replies.” he added.

kuttipattalam court order

The Sun Network initially defended their stand by saying that the programme was an adaptation of international shows like Kids say the Darnest things and House Party, which were huge hits. Following this complaint, the Kerala State Commission for Protection of Child Rights has directed the channel to withdraw the programme and also to clear the online episodes.