Mohanlal Forced John Abraham To Bathe : Nedumudi Venu


Mohanlal and Nedumudi Venu has shared screen space in a large number of movies. They not only have a great chemistry on-screen, they are close friends offscreen too. Recently he shared an interesting incident about how Mohanlal forcefully bathed the legendary director John Abraham to Nana Film Weekly.

Nedmudi Venu narrates the incident, “It was the time when we were in Madras for shooting. We were staying in a deluxe room in Woodland Hotel. A very spacious room. Everyone would gather in my room after the shoot. I had a special guest on that day, John Abraham. We were close friends. We were in our usual conversations while Lal entered the room.

I introduced Lal to John. Lal knew John. “This is Mohanlal” “The one who acts as villain right?” Lal was surprised by Johns reply, but didn’t say anything. After sometime Lal asked John “Didn’t take bath?” “What?” “Bath? Did you take Bath?” “ I don’t bath” “Then come” Lal took hold of Johns hand. His hold was strong, John couldn’t resist. Lal took him inside the bathroom forcefully and closed the door. Guests were coming and going, I forgot about them for a while.

After about one hour, I heard the bathroom lock getting unlocked. There was John Abraham, coming all fresh singing a song. I haven’t seen John this happy before. After this incident John always asks about Mohanlal whenever we meet. Lal is like that. He has the ability to get into our hearts very easily and won’t go from it.”

Now that’s the best bath one can ever have.