Munroe Thuruthu Malayalam Movie Official Trailer


Keshu, a wayward but loving teenager, and his father come to their ancestral home in Munroe Island where the Grandfather lives with Kathu, the maid.

Father wants to take Keshu for proper psychological treatment. But Grandfather, who is convinced that his son is fundamentally wrong, doesn’t support the idea. Despite serious warnings, he strongly wants his grandson to stay back in the island and liberally plan his future.

Father goes back and Grandfather who desperately longs for a true and able heir, tries to develop a genuine intimacy with Keshu by giving him more free space. But the space he can afford to give proves to be too little as Keshu simply defines freedom to extreme,unbearable limits. .

Aashiq Abu Presents Munroe Thuruthu
Directed By Manu
Cinematography : Pratap P Nair
Editing : Manoj Kannoth
Sound : Pramod J Thomas
Music : Subramanian K Vaidyalingan, Dawn Vincent, Ashok T Ponnapppan