Actress Sreelatha Menon Passed Away

Cinema – Serial actress Sreelatha Menon(47) Passed Away.She was hospitalized and was under the treatment of ortho department in Thiruvananthapuram Medical college.

In 1985 Sreelatha Menon becomes Miss Trivandrum and she debut into film in 1989.Peruthachan,Arhatha,Dhinaraathrangal,Keli these are the notable films of Sreelatha.

She acted around 200 serials.The last malayalam serial was “Amma” in Asianet.She trained karnatic dance from Rigatta and Nupura and performed around five hundread stages at schools.

Her husband had died before 7 years due to blood cancer.She was acting on films and serials to treat her husband to cure him.And she quits acting due to blindness.