Director of The Movie Pulimurugan Vysakh is Unhappy For a Reason



Pulimurugan, The biggest crowd puller movie after “Drishyam”.The Pulimurugan is creating waves in the box office collection too.Meanwhile, the director of the movie Vysakh is unhappy now.The reason for that is the main action scenes in the movie were shot in mobile camera’s and spread through social media’s like facebook WhatsApp etc,Says Vysakh.

He conveyed this through his facebook profile.He ma made an ardent appeal to all those who were involved regarding this.He kindly requested to all not to share these clips anymore,As the scenes were shot by hard work of people for several days and hours behind that.The film was shot in the deep forest of Kothamangalam were can be reached only after walking so many miles carrying heavy filming types of equipment.

If you respect our hard work please let us know the sources of the clips and people who share those clips as soon as possible, Says director Vysakh.And the director requests to all to watch this movie at theaters and enjoy the movie.[straight from his words]