Director Sohan Seenulal About Thoppil Joppan And Pulimurugan



After a long gap, The big M’s movies had released together.Pulimurugan and Thoppil Joppan had released on the same day of October 7’th.Both movies are getting positive reviews from all over.

At the end of the week and the pooja holidays are the main reason for the heavy and unbelievable rush on the theatres.Superstars fans are on fan fight to promote their star,They are arguing each other with their movies collection reports and house full boards.

Thoppil Joppan tops in the clash between Pulimurugan and Thoppil joppan. Says director Sohan Seenulal.Sohan is an actor too in the movie Thoppil Joppan.Thoppil Joppan had released on 100 theatres and in the second place in the total collection of the movies.When Pulimurugan released in 166 release centers and be the first place in collection.

By considering the collection at Multiplexes Thoppil Joppan tops along with Pulimurugan.Thoppil Joppan is the 4’th movie of Johny Antony-Mammootty combo.Mammootty , Nadia Moidu starer movie ‘Doubles’ is the last directorial venture of Sohan Seenulal.