The Dream Project Karnan with Mammootty , Sreekumar and Madhupal Responds Regarding Rumors


There are two “Karnan” movies shaping behind the screen.One of them is Prithviraj Starrer “Karnan” written and directed by R.S Vimal and the other one is Mammootty Starrer “Karnan” written by P.Sreekumar and directed by Madhupal.

There are some rumors  roaming around in social medias that the Mammootty had dropped the movie “Karnan” due to the movie of Prithviraj’s Karnan.But director Madhupal and P.Sreekumar had reject all those fake news and announced that the movie will commence from 2017.

The movie Karnan is our dream project.The pre-production works were going on and technical,Budget plannings all are on the discussion side, Says  Madhupal.

Do not support all those fake news regarding that the film has dropped.I will do this film if i’m alive, He added.

R.S. Vimal were planning the Prithviraj starrer movie “Karnan” with a budget of 300 Crores.